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Boiron Cocyntal Baby Colic 30D (Alcohol-Free )
Cocyntal Boiron Cocyntal Baby Colic 30D (Alcohol-Free )
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For natural relief of symptoms associated with colic, including gas pain and irritability.

  • Total Innovation: the individual liquid unit-doses are easy to carry and extraordinarily easy to give to children - no fuss, no mess. Brings parents relief, too!
  • Kid-friendly: no unpleasant taste to make children cry.
  • 100% Natural: the first alcohol-free, sugar-free homeopathic remedies for children with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
  • Safe: no chemical ingredients and no known adverse side-effects.
  • Reliable: each dose is supplied in a safe, unbreakable and sterile disposable unit-dose container. It's recyclable. Please recycle.
  • Gentle Medicine You Can Trust: formulated for Boiron by leading homeopathic pediatricians.

For children 1-6 months.

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