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CanesOral Combi-Pak (1 Oral Capsule & 10 g Canesten External Cream )
Canesten CanesOral Combi-Pak (1 Oral Capsule & 10 g Canesten External Cream )
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Since CanesOral takes several days to cure your yeast infection internally, the CanesOral Combi-Pak contains two products: the CanesOral pill, and also an external cream that can be applied to the irritated area.

The CanesOral pill is an effective, clinically proven single-dose oral treatment, available without a prescription. Its active ingredient, fluconazole 150 mg, will work systemically to stop the growth of Candida albicans that may be responsible for vaginal yeast infections. CanesOral relieves itching, burning, and discharge associated with vaginal yeast infections. Symptom relief usually begins within 24 hours.

The external cream's active ingredient, clotrimazole, will help relieve irritating external symptoms while the CanesOral pill works internally to eliminate the vaginal yeast infection (VYI) itself.

From the makers of Canesten.

DO NOT use CanesOral Combi-Pak if:

  • you are pregnant
  • you are nursing
  • you are allergic to fluconazole or other drugs ending in “azole” (e.g. clotrimazole/miconazole) or other ingredients in the product
  • you are taking allergy drugs


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