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Nix Dermal Cream (30 g )
Nix Dermal Nix Dermal Cream (30 g )
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Nix Dermal Cream is for the treatment of scabies (as well as lice and other pests as directed by a physician). Nix contains the same active ingredient (permethrin 5%) as Acticin Dermal Cream and Elimite Dermal Cream.

Nix contains permethrin which is a scabicide (kills scabies) and pediculicide (kills lice).

To treat scabies, follow the directions in the package. One entire 30 g tube is usually sufficient to treat an average adult. A few adults will need a second application of 30 g, 7 to 10 days after the first application. It is recommended that family members and close contacts be treated with permethrin to reduct the risk of reinfestation or transmission.

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