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Opti-Free SUPRA CLENS Daily Protein Remover 3mL
Opti-Free Opti-Free SUPRA CLENS Daily Protein Remover 3mL
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OPTI-FREE® SupraClens® is a contact lens treatment used to remove protein deposits from lenses overnight.

Historically, one of the most common concerns for contact lens users has been protein build-up. As protein deposits gradually accumulate on contacts, they can cause uncomfortable lens wear, cloudy vision, even health problems with the eyes.

Although multi-purpose solutions  now include ingredients to help remove protein build-up, some lens users are more susceptible to these deposits.

Adding OPTI-FREE® SupraClens® to your daily lens care routine can help. SupraClens® works in the lens case while contacts disinfect overnight – one drop in your Alcon® multi-purpose  contact solution each evening can help remove protein deposits and keep your lenses feeling like new.

OPTI-FREE® SupraClens® contact lens treatment is available in 3 mL bottles.

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